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Date: Friday 26th May

Time: 12:00

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This is for you if you experience:

• Lack of confidence

• Imposter Syndrome

• Constant self-doubt

• Persistent worrying

• Frequent mental blocks

• Regularly feeling overwhelmed

• Early onset of burn-out

Expected outcomes include:

• Discover who you really are beyond the mind

• Learn why the mind does what it does and how to make it work for you

• Discover why fighting your mind is not a great idea and what to do instead

• Learn a technique that will help you transcend the mind

• Discover the treasure of the current moment

When your mind starts working for you and not against you, it opens a new world of possibilities:

• Confidence to try new and bold things that could create a greater impact

• Clarity of mind to make a better decision that leads to better outcomes

• Feeling lighter and enjoying work more, leading to greater productivity

• Much better health outcomes because of reduced stress

• Seeking more opportunities to contribute created by the mental space

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Poetry to articulate

All that I integrate

From all that I assimilate

So it will accelerate


In all it will penetrate

Some it will entertain

Others it will educate

All intended to elevate

One world consciousness

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Transform your life And Live The Life Of Your DREAM!

Take a powerful journey of internal transformation from disappointment, despair, disillusionment, hopelessness, stress, burnout, nervousness, unhappiness, misery, and anxiety, to living the life of your dreams through inspired poetry and reflections.

The book uses the DREAM framework to guide you on this life-transforming journey.

Discovery - Know where you are now

Recovery - Get the gold from the past and move on

Envisioning - See what is possible

Action - Do what you know to do now

Manifestation – Experience your dream life unfolding

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Coach. Author Poet Speaker.

Frank Bolaji Irawo a Technical Project Manager turned ICF Accredited Life Coach,

The poems and reflective exercises in this DREAM book are guaranteed to create transformation for the reader. Such guidance helped me go from Project Manager in the technology industry, on the edge of bankruptcy, being stressed, and experiencing poor relationships to thriving and living with ease. I now manage a coaching practice; my relationships have improved significantly and is making a greater impact in the world through the Calm Self Foundation charity work.

If you are feeling unfulfilled, numb, stressed, burnt out, or empty. Exhausted through your search for happiness, peace, and contentment; even after changing jobs, location, relationships, and buying material goods. Does everything feel out of reach? Do you want more out of life? Then this is the book for you. In nearly 300 hours of coaching, such teaching has served my clients without fail.

Through this book, I am on a mission to help you live your best life with greater clarity, larger impact, and more enriching relationships by changing your experience from the inside out. Stop waiting for your DREAM life to manifest, your journey starts now!

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