Commission A Poetricity Poetic Portrait
What is a Poetic Portrait?

Your own personally commissioned portrait painted with words framed in poetry.

It can be to commemorate key life milestones, events,


New births




Leaving gifts


Corporate events

Program launches


What Is the process?

Book an exploratory call with me to discuss the brief

If it feels right that I create a poetic portrait, we agree cost timeline and objectives

We book a full debrief session and gather all relevant information

I do my research and create the first draft of the portrait

We review and refine as required

You get the final portrait

Here is what others who have commissioned portraits have to say ?

Frank has a unique gift for using poetry to create poetic portraits that beautifully capture emotions, memories, and experiences in a unique way. By commissioning Frank to create your poetic portrait, It's a creative and meaningful opportunity to immortalise your thoughts and feelings. If you're uncertain, consider the significance it could hold for you, having a personalised piece of art in poetic form.


I would say that Frank captures people beautifully, he really sees people and you would feel very understood through his magic words.


To have a poetic portrait commissioned is a creative and beautifully personal way to create a memory that lasts a lifetime. If it’s a special occasion, even better, it elegantly reflects the essence of what you want to celebrate.

Tajhame & Bene

Go for it! What a wonderful way to have a picture painted with words, that's perfect for whatever you want it for.


It is something so unique and special that you can't buy it in a shop - It adds something really incredible to a special occasion!


If You Have Any Questions Or Require Any Support

You Can Reach Me Here

Coaching Qualifications:

Barefoot trained, International Coaching Federation approved Business and Personal Coach.

Coaching Approach:

My coaching style is empathetic, incisive, and transformational and is aimed at engaging the whole self. I am passionate about supporting Leaders experiencing stress and burnout, who have gotten lost in the demands of work and life to reset, gain clarity, live with greater ease, reconnect to their true inner self and rediscover their passion for life while increasing their impact and enjoy this experience called life. This is achieved through Powerful Transformative Conversations, Reflections, Tools, Exercises, and action plans that help them to discover their underlying views about how they are experiencing life and then embark on a journey of sustainable transformative change through mastery of new perspectives and practices.

I bring all my own myriad of experiences to the service of my clients in a truly shared learning environment, thereby creating an effective working alliance that delivers outstanding results.

Sector Experience:

I have worked on and managed projects in Information Technology for over 30 years. My experience has spanned the Entertainment, Banking, Law Enforcement, Retail Not-For-Profit sectors. In the last 5 years, I have specialized in IT project recovery. I have coached clients from Banking, Retail, Broadcasting, Travel, Assets Management, Marketing, NHS, Military, Education, and Coaching backgrounds. My clients range from entrepreneurs, Vice Presidents, Senior managers to Team leaders in small to medium size companies. I have coached clients in the US, South Africa, New Zealand, and here in the UK.


”..working with Frank there is deep wisdom that comes from the wealth of life experience he has had, that creates a real depth to each coaching session. From the coaching sessions I have had with Frank, I walk away having really got to the heart of my limiting beliefs that are at the core of my soul and having tangible and practical solutions as well as a positive mindset to tackle the challenge I brought, head-on."

GVP People and Culture EMEA at Discovery Communications

"In my experience, Frank is an incredibly intuitive & insightful coach. His style is very natural & calm and he creates an environment where space and time feel endless. He really made me think and helped me access thoughts and feelings that resulted in me finding greater clarity and creating a tangible action plan. This was both enlightening and empowering and has enabled me to open new doors & create opportunities for myself in the area we were exploring...”

Head Of Learning at Danone

“I would absolutely recommend Frank to anyone who is looking for some clarity, to develop a deeper understanding of their approach to professional and personal challenges, their triggers, attitudes and thought processes that are not serving them, connecting more effectively with responses to feelings, situations, and relationships. I can't thank Frank enough for the positive changes he has helped me to realise”

Director – Mayhew London

“I connected with Frank to get coaching support for the development of my coaching business and practice. He is deeply attentive and insightful. He did a fantastic job of creating a safe space for me to delve deep into my challenges and insecurities. The transformative coaching approach helped me reflect and explore feelings of doubt, fear, anger, resentment, imposter syndrome, worth and deserving. I really like how he incorporated the essence of the Universe and the totality of all possibilities. I was able to process my feelings, embrace them, and move forward in a healthy productive way. I got a deeper understanding of myself. Frank’s coaching far exceeded my expectations. I have so much gratitude for the impact he’s made on my life. I highly recommend Frank Bolaji Irawo as a Transformation Coach!

CEO - Joseph Castro Coaching and Consulting

“I started off my coaching journey with Frank with very few expectations – surely I knew myself better than anyone else! However, that perception changed as early as the first session when I was able to talk openly about things that mattered to me. Frank listened without judgment and provided the opportunity for me to become more aware of myself and provided valuable awareness into avoiding the continuous overthinking I was doing to make my world “perfect”.

It is a journey that has had a highly positive impact on both my professional and personal life and it is one that I will definitely be continuing. I would definitely recommend Frank, in a short space of time he has made such a difference to my self-belief and thought process. A great coach who has become one of my go-to friends.”

Lead Technical Architect - EasyJet

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